Office Cleaning Brisbane City

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Making professional offices shine in the Brisbane CBD for 2 decades

We're proud to provide office cleaning in Brisbane City as a key focus for our company including the supply of toilet requisites to a number of major landlords.

The importance of consistent and trustworthy service is particularly important to professional office users who rely on the presentation and cleanliness of their office as a first impression to clients every day.

You can be assured that our high standards and experience ensure that the job is done right every time.

Office Cleaning Brisbane City Services

Cleaning of Entry, Reception & Customer Area

      • Cleaning front, side glass, & doors
      • Cleaning internal glass
      • Cleaning & dusting rails, screen tracks and other wall fittings
      • Cleaning, dusting & wiping down desks/tables
      • Cleaning & removing of Hand/finger marks from doors, walls, light switches
      • Cleaning & Removing of cobwebs all areas
      • Cleaning & vacuuming of all hard floors and moping & buffing
      • Cleaning, sweeping & moping staircases incl. handrail (If any)
      • Cleaning of air vents, grills and surround

Cleaning of Offices, Common Room & other Rooms

      • Cleaning & collecting the rubbish bins / recycling bins
      • Cleaning & vacuuming of all carpet floors
      • Dusting, cleaning & wiping all office furniture, fittings, filling cabinets, book cases, pictures
      • Cleaning & removing finger marks & dirt from doors, walls, light switches
      • Cleaning & dusting of skirting boards and window ledges to be dusted / wiped on all exposed surfaces
      • Cleaning, vacuuming, moping & buffing all hard floors

Cleaning of Toilets & Common areas

      • Clean and disinfecting seats, lids, urinals, handles and fittings
      • Cleaning & washing of floors including plugs and drains
      • Cleaning pipes, doors and door grills
      • Spot cleaning marks from partitions and walls
      • Thoroughly moping and spot cleaning tiles and glass in showers
      • Thoroughly cleaning mirrors
      • Replenishing toilet requisites
      • Cleaning & removing of hand marks from doors, walls, light switches
      • Treating floor drains with disinfectant to reduce odours

Cleaning of Kitchen & Dining Areas

      • Cleaning sinks, splashbacks, bench tops and cupboards externally
      • Cleaning & wiping bench tops and surrounds
      • Cleaning & disinfecting drains
      • Removing rubbish to disposal point
      • Spot cleaning the outside of refrigerator
      • Cleaning inside & outside of microwave
      • Cleaning & wiping down all filtered water units
      • Vacuuming & moping floors, wipe down surfaces

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What's Our Clients Say

"We had constant complaints about our previous cleaning company - that totally stopped and our tenants have been very happy ever since. Thanks guys!"
Rosalie - bribane commercial cleaners
Property Manager
Retail Building - Rosalie, Brisbane
Our Narangba centre has been looking considerably better since making the switch several months ago. Great service and really easy to deal with - we've been so happy that we've engaged the company on a number of other properties. and there will be more to come.
narangba brisbane commercial cleaning
Property Manager
Retail centre - Narangba, North Brisbane
"We've been incredibly happy with the cleaning services over several years. The best thing is that they always keep us informed of any issues that pop up at the building which are out of their scope which we find very helpful! We would highly recommend for anyone looking for top notch office cleaning Brisbane City"
charlotte street - brisbane office cleaning
Office building - Charlotte Street, Brisbane City

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